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107 RBFOX2-regulated TEAD1 alternative splicing plays a pivotal role in Hippo-YAP signaling 71. Choi S., Lee H.S., Cho N., Kim I., Cheon S., Park C., Kim E.-M., Kim W. Kim K.K. Nucleic Acids Research (2022) 50(15): 8658-8673
Alternative pre-mRNA splicing is key to proteome diversity; however, the biological roles of alternative splicing (AS) in signaling pathways remain elusive. Here, we focus on TEA domain transcription factor 1 (TEAD1), a YAP binding factor in the Hippo signaling pathway. Public database analyses showed that expression of YAP-TEAD target genes negatively correlated with the expression of a TEAD1 isoform lacking exon 6 (TEAD1ΔE6) but did not correlate with overall TEAD1 expression. We confirmed that the transcriptional activity and oncogenic properties of the full-length TEAD1 isoform were greater than those of TEAD1ΔE6, with the difference in transcription related to YAP interaction. Furthermore, we showed that RNA-binding Fox-1 homolog 2 (RBFOX2) promoted the inclusion of TEAD1 exon 6 via binding to the conserved GCAUG element in the downstream intron. These results suggest a regulatory mechanism of RBFOX2-mediated TEAD1 AS and provide insight into AS-specific modulation of signaling pathways.