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No. Title Date Creator
114 Challenges in unsupervised clustering of single-cell RNA-seq data 2019-03-15 owljin(Manager)
113 Regulatory activities of transposable elements: from conflicts to benefits 2019-01-31 csb_hhh(Manager)
112 DNA damage and genome instability by G-quadruplex ligands are mediated by R loops in human cancer cells. 2019-01-31 csb_hhh(Manager)
111 DNA G-quadruplex structures mold the DNA methylome. 2019-01-31 csb_hhh(Manager)
110 Systematic characterization and prediction of post-translational modification cross-talk between proteins. 2019-01-31 csb_hhh(Manager)
109 Assembly of a pan-genome from deep sequencing of 910 humans of African descent. 2019-01-31 csb_hhh(Manager)
108 Shark genomes provide insights into elasmobranch evolution and the origin of vertebrates 2019-01-31 csb_hhh(Manager)
107 Developmental mechanisms and adult stem cells for therapeutic lung regeneration 2018-12-04 csb_hhh(Manager)
106 Adaptive transcription-splicing resynchronization upon losing an essential splicing factor 2018-12-04 csb_hhh(Manager)
105 Deep learning-based transcriptome data classification for drug-target interaction prediction 2018-12-04 csb_hhh(Manager)
104 Evolutionary and developmental dynamics of sex-biased gene expression in common frogs with proto-Y chromosomes 2018-11-14 csb_hhh(Manager)
103 Supervised machine learning outperforms taxonomy‐based environmental DNA metabarcoding applied to biomonitoring 2018-11-05 csb_hhh(Manager)
102 Towards a complete map of the human long non- coding RNA transcriptome 2018-07-31 csb_hhh(Manager)
101 Dynamics of genome size evolution in birds and mammals. 2018-07-31 csb_hhh(Manager)
100 Genetic-Driven Druggable Target Identification and Validation 2018-07-28 csb_hhh(Manager)
99 Deciphering the Interdependence between Ecological and Evolutionary Networks 2018-07-28 csb_hhh(Manager)
98 b-Diversity, Community Assembly, and Ecosystem Functioning 2018-07-28 csb_hhh(Manager)
97 Historical Contingency and Developmental Constraints inAvian Coloration 2018-07-28 csb_hhh(Manager)
96 A High Quality Genome for Mus spicilegus, a Close Relative of House Mice with Unique Social and Ecological Adaptations. 2018-07-25 csb_hhh(Manager)
95 Defensins and the convergent evolution of platypus and reptile venom genes 2018-07-20 csb_hhh(Manager)