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No. Title Date Creator
77 Structure and function of the global ocean microbiome 2018-04-16 csb_hhh(Manager)
76 VirFinder: a novel k-mer based tool for identifying viral sequences from assembled metagenomic data. 2018-04-09 csb_hhh(Manager)
75 Regulation of polyp-to-jellyfish transition in Aurelia aurita. 2018-04-03 csb_hhh(Manager)
74 Rapid genome shrinkage in a self-fertile nematode reveals sperm competition proteins. 2018-04-03 csb_hhh(Manager)
73 Introns Protect Eukaryotic Genomes from Transcription-Associated Genetic Instability. 2018-03-22 csb_hhh(Manager)
72 Population Genomics Reveal Recent Speciation and Rapid Evolutionary Adaptation in Polar Bears 2018-03-15 csb_hhh(Manager)
71 Genome-wide RNA-Seq of Human Motor Neurons Implicates Selective ER Stress Activation in Spinal Muscular Atrophy. 2018-03-02 csb_hhh(Manager)
70 Evolution at protein ends: major contribution of alternative transcription initiation and termination to the transcriptome and proteome diversity in mammals. 2018-03-02 csb_hhh(Manager)
69 Harnessing the power of RADseq for ecological and evolutionary genomics 2018-02-09 csb_hhh(Manager)
68 Phylogenetic Conflict In Bears Identified By Automated Discovery Of Transposable Element Insertions In Low Coverage Genomes 2017-09-20 csb_hhh(Manager)
67 MCbiclust: a novel algorithm to discover large-scale functionally related gene sets from massive transcriptomics data collections 2017-09-07 csb_hhh(Manager)
66 De novo pathway-based biomarker identification 2017-09-07 csb_hhh(Manager)
65 Improved genome assembly of American alligator genome reveals conserved architecture of estrogen signaling 2017-08-01 csb_hhh(Manager)
64 Less effective selection leads to larger genomes 2017-07-19 csb_hhh(Manager)
63 Mudskipper genomes provide insights into the terrestrial adaptation of amphibious fishes 2017-07-03 csb_hhh(Manager)
62 Selection maintains signaling function of a highly diverged intrinsically disordered region. 2017-06-05 csb_hhh(Manager)
61 Intrinsically disordered proteins and biomineralization 2017-05-11 csb_hhh(Manager)
60 Design and computational analysis of single-cell RNA-sequencing experiments 2017-05-05 csb_hhh(Manager)
59 Sex, Scavengers, and Chaperones: Transcriptome Secrets of Divergent Symbiodinium Thermal Tolerances 2017-05-01 csb_hhh(Manager)
58 Dynamic changes in global and gene-specific DNA methylation during hibernation in adult thirteen-lined ground squirrels, Ictidomys tridecemlineatus 2017-04-02 csb_hhh(Manager)