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No. Title Date Creator
150 Six reference-quality genomes reveal evolution of bat adaptations 2021-01-25 owljin(Manager)
149 Machine learning and statistical methods for clustering single-cell RNA-sequencing data 2021-01-25 owljin(Manager)
148 Challenges in unsupervised clustering of single-cell RNA-seq data 2021-01-25 owljin(Manager)
147 Landscape of cohesin-mediated chromatin loops in the human genome 2020-09-27 owljin(Manager)
146 Supervised enhancer prediction with epigenetic pattern recognition and targeted validation 2020-09-27 owljin(Manager)
145 Transcriptional activity and strain-specific history of mouse pseudogenes 2020-09-27 owljin(Manager)
144 The changing mouse embryo transcriptome at whole tissue and single-cell resolution 2020-09-27 owljin(Manager)
143 Systematic identification of silencers in human cells 2020-09-27 owljin(Manager)
142 Spatiotemporal DNA methylome dynamics of the developing mouse fetus 2020-09-27 owljin(Manager)
141 Detecting sample swaps in diverse NGS data types using linkage disequilibrium 2020-09-27 owljin(Manager)
140 Global reference mapping of human transcription factor footprints 2020-09-27 owljin(Manager)
139 Expanded encyclopaedias of DNA elements in the human and mouse genomes 2020-09-27 owljin(Manager)
138 Perspectives on ENCODE 2020-09-27 owljin(Manager)
137 Evolutionary history and past climate change shape the distribution of genetic diversity in terrestrial mammals 2020-07-24 owljin(Manager)
136 Illuminating Genetic Mysteries of the Dead Sea Scrolls 2020-07-24 owljin(Manager)
135 Genetic architecture and sex-specific selection govern modular, male-biased evolution of doublesex 2020-07-07 owljin(Manager)
134 Evolutionary transcriptomics of metazoan biphasic life cycle supports a single intercalation origin of metazoan larvae 2020-07-02 owljin(Manager)
133 MicroRNAs organize intrinsic variation into stem cell states 2020-07-02 owljin(Manager)
132 The genetic architecture of floral traits in the woody plant Prunus mume 2020-05-28 owljin(Manager)
131 The preponderance of nonsynonymous A-to-I RNA editing in coleoids is nonadaptive 2020-01-14 owljin(Manager)