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No. Title Date Creator
37 Both male-biased and female-biased genes evolve faster in fish genomes. 2016-11-16 csb_hhh(Manager)
36 SNP calling from RNA-seq data without a reference genome: identification, quantification, differential analysis and impact on the protein sequence 2016-10-25 csb_hhh(Manager)
35 The Galaxy platform for accessible, reproducible and collaborative biomedical analyses: 2016 update 2016-10-14 csb_hhh(Manager)
34 Single-Cell Transcriptome Analysis Reveals Dynamic Changes in lncRNA Expression during Reprogramming 2016-10-07 csb_hhh(Manager)
33 Heterozygous genome assembly via binary classification of homologous sequence 2016-10-07 csb_hhh(Manager)
32 Genomic Flatlining in the Endangered Island Fox 2016-10-07 csb_hhh(Manager)
31 Impact of outdated gene annotations on pathway enrichment analysis 2016-09-26 csb_hhh(Manager)
30 Genetic diversity loss in a biodiversity hotspot: ancient DNA quantifies genetic decline and former connectivity in a critically endangered marsupial 2016-08-22 csb_hhh(Manager)
29 The Evolutionary Landscape of Alternative Splicing in Vertebrate Species. 2016-08-09 csb_hhh(Manager)
28 Widespread transmission of independent cancer lineages within multiple bivalve species. 2016-08-08 csb_hhh(Manager)
27 Coming of age: ten years of next-generation sequencing technologies. 2016-07-13 csb_hhh(Manager)
26 The Amphimedon queenslandica genome and the evolution of animal complexity. 2016-07-13 csb_hhh(Manager)
25 The oyster genome reveals stress adaptation and complexity of shell formation 2016-07-13 csb_hhh(Manager)
24 Genomic Organization of Hox and ParaHox Clusters in the Echinoderm, Acanthaster planci 2016-07-13 csb_hhh(Manager)
23 A haplome alignment and reference sequence of the highly polymorphic Ciona savignyi genome 2016-07-13 csb_hhh(Manager)
22 The dynamic genome of Hydra 2016-07-13 csb_hhh(Manager)
21 Horizontal gene transfer is a significant driver of gene innovation in dinoflagellates. 2016-05-25 csb_hhh(Manager)
20 Draft assembly of the Symbiodinium minutum nuclear genome reveals dinoflagellate gene structure. 2016-05-25 csb_hhh(Manager)
19 Cas-Designer: a web-based tool for choice of CRISPR-Cas9 target sites. 2016-05-25 csb_hhh(Manager)
18 Long noncoding RNAs regulate adipogenesis. 2016-05-25 csb_hhh(Manager)